We’ve been helping others give up smoking and move to vaping for more than 4 years. Read our guide for 2020 concerning how to quit smoking cigarettes and begin vaping with these 5 basic steps:
  1. Choose your experience

  2. Choose your vape kit

  3. Choose your e-liquid

  4. Buy the right spare parts

  5. Read the instructions and start vaping

If you’re seeking to quit smoking, vaping the best product with all the proper vape liquid can present you with the identical sort of fulfilment as cigarettes. The additional reward is really a seriously wide range of e-liquid flavours to pick from. But, however the vape mods in the marketplace have significantly improved through the years to make it simpler to get a smoker to switch, there is still a studying process that new vapers have to go through for the best out of their gear when they initially start off vaping.

So we decided to assist: here’s the way a smoker can change to vaping in five easy steps.

  1. Choose your experience

Before buying, take into consideration just what it is that you simply like about smoking cigarettes and just how that might impact your selection of vape? Vaping should really be pleasurable and provide pleasure in the same way cigarette smoking does, which is so versatile that you could have a variety of activities using the numerous combinations of vape packages and vape liquid. Here are four concerns we think you need to think about before selecting your gear:

  • Do you hunger for the type of pleasure smoking gives you and wish an experience which has a punchy strike?
  • Or do you like the sensory elements of smoking – perhaps you smoke cigarettes menthol or flavoured cigars – and you’d like something which caters to this need?
  • Are big clouds more important for you or would you rather be more unobtrusive when you vape?
  • Would you like a large gadget which makes an impact whenever you display it to folks or could you choose something more compact and a lot more budget-pleasant?

Once you’ve considered and resolved these you’re all set to go shopping!

  1. Choose your vape kit

So you’ve decided what type of vaper you’d like to be. Just before thinking of eliquid flavours, you need to look through our choice of full vape kits and determine what kind of product fits you very best.

If you’re following that big gratifying smoking strike, we advise you choose to go for something which works with a home heating element (known as a coil or even a wick) having a higher level of resistance (we’ll speak about what this means in the accessories portion).

With these devices – which can be much less power-hungry – you’ll be able to use vape juice with a substantial nicotine content (we’ll discuss what constitutes “high” over the following section). These devices are frequently (although not always) smaller and much more discreet, and as they are much less energy-hungry the batteries have a tendency to stay longer. You’ll still get a decent amount of vapour from them, but they won’t produce the enormous clouds you will get from greater stronger vapes. They are an outstanding option for circumstances where you’d rather vape discreetly and without everybody seeing.

SMOK Novo 2

JWN4567524666842 47 1 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps


The best all-rounded vape  pod available on the market today. Small, light-weight yet has amazing battery life and kicks out the great flavour in big clouds. Among the best highlights of the SMOK Novo 2 is that it’s pull-triggered which means no buttons. It’s always on and ready to vape whenever you are. Pods should last a couple of days just before flavour and vapour manufacturing starts to decline off however, you get two pods within the set and replacement pods are cheap.

Each time you puff the Novo 2 indicator light-weight shines to let you know exactly how much battery lifespan is left. Quiet and stealthy if you wish it to be and you don’t have to take our word because of it. By far the most cherished package inside our online vape shop, grab some substantial power nic salt vape juice and you’ll never think back.

SMOK Nord Kit

JWNSmokNordCarbonEdition7 15 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

SMOK Nord is definitely the slightly larger brother of the Novo 2. The real difference involving the two is you can substitute the coils on the Nord. This not just helps save on squander but funds too. It’s still little but you receive a greater battery power and vape juice capability (3mL). Additionally with all the complete Nord selection of coils to pick from you gets much more options to customize your vaping practical experience.

However, if you would like much more significant overall performance: In case you’re looking for anything mobile but may easily fit in your pocket or purse…

Freemax Twister 80W Kit

JWNFreemaxTwister80WKitMetalEdition1 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

The Freemax Twister is the most well-liked vape pen both in our US and UK on the web vape shops. Why? Properly, it features a wattage dial on the bottom for super easy strength modification and one of the best vape tanks. The Fireluke 2 tank in the Twister package has all sorts of expensive technology that really help it generate incredible flavour and remarkable clouds. Due to the fact you’re acquiring such a substantial amount of vapour you can easily suit your all-essential nicotine craving.

You would like much more vapour and big clouds? But when what you want is super large clouds you need to select a gadget having a coil or wick that includes a low resistance. These types of items are a lot more energy-starving, which means that they are often bigger in order to cater to the requirement for larger electric batteries. These big-package mod packages will are certainly more costly due to their modern technology, dimension and displays to show your configurations.


The vape tank where the e-liquid is stored also is generally larger. That’s simply because coils with reduce level of resistance will vaporise more liquid per puff.  That means more vapour and bigger clouds!

Look no further than these innovative vape starter kits:

Geekvape Aegis X Vape Kit

JWNGeekvapeAegisXKit8 15 1 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

Geekvape are popular for extremely durable vape systems. IP67 Shock-dustproof, water-proof and resistant it is a kit that’s built to outstand time. The control keys are nice and easy to click and also the massive display causes it to be super user-friendly. You’ll need to pick two 18650 electric batteries to energy the Geekvape Aegis X. Remember to also be aware we always recommend getting another electric battery charger as this eliminates any damage around the mini USB charging port.


  1. Choose your e-liquid

  Vape Juice also is known as e-juice, e-liquid,vape liquid and all sorts of other things – is basically a liquid that consists of a “humectant” (either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine – this is what creates the vapour when you exhale), some nicotine, and flavourings. You put it in your vape and also you vape it. Simple, truly!

Purchasing vape juice the very first time can be a little daunting, with so many to pick from along with a dizzying selection of brand names. But in terms of the crunch there are only actually two choices you need to make: how much nicotine would you like and what type of flavours would you enjoy?

Let’s get started with the first question. If you’ve chosen a large product using a lower resistance coil and higher energy so that you can impress your friends with many huge clouds, you’ll have to go easy around the nicotine content. That’s because you’ll be breathing a bigger volume of vapour each time you take a hit.

Nonetheless, more vapour volume signifies you’ll have more nicotine per inhalation than should you used a minimal-driven product. Most vapers who use higher-operated devices have a tendency towards nicotine levels of 1.5 mg/ml, 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml (milligrams of nicotine per millimetre of water).

There’s no specific science on this – you’ll find out pretty quickly how you want to vape. If you’re starting to vape the very first time it’s well worth purchasing a few different strong points so that you can quickly discover what works best for you.

If you’ve selected a vape kit with a low ohm coil and lower energy (such as a pod system), you may want greater nicotine strength. Vaping in this way will provide you much more nicotine encounters because the concentration will be increased. You’ll still get an excellent vape making use of liquid with reducing nicotine content material, but also for a far more intense sensation of fulfilment, you should utilize 12mg/ml or above. You can’t use this e-liquid in high-powered devices because the resulting taste and experience will be severe (possibly very harsh!).

If you’re just transitioning from cigarette smoking, we suggest selecting a vape liquid with a bit of more nicotine – perhaps 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml.

                                     Here are some of our favourite vape juice flavors:

Black Ice by Voro vape

Voro Vape 100ml Black ice 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

Ripe and juicy blackcurrant mixed with a touch of menthol and loads of ice cubes. One juice that can be your ADV without any effort.

Blueberry Donuts by Dark Shadow Premium E-Liquids

Dark shadow bottle 50ml blueberry donut 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

A beautiful blend of blueberry and doughnut with a touch of cereal that you will want to vape early in the morning next to a fresh cup of coffee.

Learn More about Nicotine Salts

Nasty Juice Nic Salts

JWNNastySalt10mg10ML 78 400x400 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

Another advantage of nicotine salts is the fact that this are created to become significantly less severe on your throat, which means that you can use increased nicotine concentrations. 10mg/ml, 18mg/ml as well as 20mg/ml usually are not rare.

Your last choice is taste, and this is certainly an individual choice – we make it effortless by listing the vape juice we carry by flavour account. We recommend that when starting out you try a few different flavours in two various strong points (according to your device). This way you can get the combination that’s good for you.

  1. Buy the right spare parts

To take full advantage of your new device there are two key spare parts you’ll need to have accessible: coils and batteries – although you’ll only require to get extra electric batteries for devices where the electric batteries are replaceable.

freemax mesh pro coils 800x296 - How To Start Vaping in 5 Simple Steps

Vape Coils are the most significant, and those apply to just about any gadget. These small heating system factors are a part of every product they may be inside the tank and you should replace them regularly per your device’s directions. Coils break down as time passes: the continual process of heating and cooling contributes to the vapour building a bitter preference. Whenever your liquid doesn’t taste quite as effective as it normally does, that means it’s time to purchase an alternative coil for most vapers, this can be about when a week sometimes significantly less using a small pod method.

We suggest you get spares along with your very first product so that you also have them on hand when you need them, you most certainly don’t wish to work out and departing yourself inside a jam.

You’ll need to get the coil that is compatible with your device. The Megavape.co.uk vape store listings tell you which coils are suitable for that product.

If you’ve received a product that lets you alter the genuine battery, we also suggest obtaining a handful of spares. Make sure to keep these electric batteries safely! Accidents can occur if they are mishandled or miss-charged (see our guide on battery power basic safety for more information on this). In case your gadget has a built-in battery you may want to think about getting a backup the good thing is that products with built-in batteries are generally cheaper than those where they could be switched out.

  1. Read the instructions and start vaping

It may seem like an apparent stage, but ensure you look at the instructions that come with your device. As a result certain you complete the first steps which means that your first vape provides you with the pleasure you’re looking for.

Following filling up, don’t vape it right away let it rest for five minutes to make certain the coil is completely covered in liquid. What this means is you’ll avoid a dried up strike, which provides you with bad flavour and probably destroy your coil.

Once you’ve completed all of that you’re able to start off vaping. Inside a couple of days, we’re positive you’ll take pleasure in being a vaper a lot more than you appreciated becoming a smoker…