FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank


 Freemax launched the world`s first Mesh Coil Sub Ohm Vape Tank – Fireluke M back at the end of the 2017. Later Freemax is launched the world`s first Double & Triple Mesh Coil Sub Ohm Tank – Freemax Mesh Pro. With Double & Triple & Quad Mesh Coil technology, the Freemax M Pro supports higher wattage output even between 80-110 watts with much bigger clouds, however, the flavour is never affected and you will love it. On the same time the Freemax Mesh Pro is the first sub ohm tank with so great flavor that you`d think you are using an RDA or RTA.

 In what colours does FreeMax M Pro Tank comes in

Great colour choices, you can always select from 17 colours like 6 resin, 5 metal or 6 carbon fibre.

resin colour - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank 

Here we can have a look at how a Freemax Mesh Pro Tank is build and it’s components. We must admit we where quite impressed with the quality of the materials used to build this tank.

components - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank UK Specifications

The Mesh Pro is a 28 mm wide tank with a push-to-open top fill that can sustain  2 ml of vape juice – it goes up to 6 mL with the use of the bubble tank replacement. It is compatible with all the coil heads of the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks (including the RTA deck,) but be advise will fit the heads coils from the original Mesh tank. Freemax introdduced four new coils  with this vape tank, including what’s said to be the very first multi-mesh coil heads for sub ohm tanks. A single mesh 0.15-ohm and a 0.2-ohm double mesh are included in the kit. Also available is a triple mesh 0.15-ohm, plus an SS316L single mesh 0.12-ohm coil head for wattage or TC(temperature control) vaping.

freemax mesh TPD edition - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

How to fill the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

Filling the Mesh Pro Tank is simple. The filing mechanism is a push-to-fill that’s  easy to spot by a red mark dot along the metal base of the top cap. While the red dot is the sweet spot, the push-to-fill top cap opens from a wide radius, which adds to its convenience. The actual fill slot is relatively wide enough that you can pour e-liquid directly from an open bottle. Still, we recommend using a squeeze bottle or dropper.

fill freemax m pro tank - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

What is in the Box:

• 1pc M Pro Tank 2ml ( Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil 60-90W)
• 1pc Extra Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil (40-70W)
• 1pc User Manual
• 1set Replacement O-rings

kit freemax mesh pro - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

What coils to use with FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

 Freemax Mesh Pro has four type of coil heads. As mentioned, it will also take the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro coil heads as well as the RTA deck:

  • Single mesh 0.15-ohm Kanthal (included): Rated for 40 to 70 watts.
  • Double mesh 0.2-ohm Kanthal (included): Rated for 60 to 90 watts.
  • Single mesh 0.12-ohm (SS316L): Rated for 400 F- 550 F
  • Triple mesh 0.15-ohm Kanthal: Rated for 80 to 110 watts

All this coils are of best-quality. Only very little flavor is carried over after a refill.  The heads coils also wick very quickly, and they don’t spit or leak. The Mesh Pro coils do drain liquid quickly, but these are high-performance vape coils — this is to be expected! The extra capacity from the bubble tanks helps by not having to refill as often. 

freemax mesh pro coils - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

How does FreeMax Mesh Pro Performs

Freemax launched world`s first Mesh Coil Sub Ohm tank at the end of 2017, before that, for all the other sub ohm tanks, those with great flavor are limited for using at lower wattage with restricted vapour and those working at higher wattage`s with huge clouds are considered lacking of flavor. The introduction of the Mesh Coil Technology partly solved the issue and now, with the innovative Double and Triple Mesh Coil technology, it`s a delight to embrace the great combination of higher power, huge clouds and great flavor all together with the Freemax M Pro. Derived from the first generation Mesh Coil technology, the Freemax tech team made numerous tests and figured how to stimulate the greatest inspiration of mesh coil with the brand new customised mesh material and structure and make instant vaporising and super durability possible.

performance freemax mesh coils - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank


The Freemax M Pro applies the Freemax patented cotton formula, which is 90% Flax Cotton Fiber and 10% Cotton Fiber, this is the reason why the Freemax Multiple Mesh Coils have an average lifespan of about 2-3 weeks.

mesh coils freemax pro - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank


The new mesh materiel and structure used in the Freemax Mesh Pro can instantly vaporise the e-liquid and requires a higher leading speed of e-liquid to the contact surface of the mesh coil. Thus the new 360° e-liquid leading holes is designed to speed up the leading process and thus the vaporising process.

eliquid distribution freemax mesh pro - FreeMax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

Final Verdict for FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

Do we recommend this tank? Off course! But there’s a small warning: the triple mesh coil is where this tank perform at it’s best. Unfortunately, does not come included with the kit. Even if you think you’d prefer using less power, we still recommend the triple mesh heads coils over the others. The triple mesh heads are rated best for 80 to 110 watts, but they are phenomenal coils even at just 70 watts.

 Have you tried the Mesh Pro Tank yet? If not we recommend you to pick one today and see what is all the fuzz about.