How to buy the best vape kits online?

If you finally decided to take the big step and switch to vaping but you are not very sure about where to start and what you need, you are about to get your questions answered.

Mega Vape offers a very large range of vape kits. With so many choices, it must be difficult to make the right one without proper guidance. First of all, you know that it is the right choice when you choose to buy vape kits from an online vape shop with a variety of offers from the top rated companies.

Three important things you need to know before buying vape kits online:

  1. Vaping experience
  2. How small or large would you like it to be
  3. Battery life expectation

It is very important to clarify those aspects before making a final decision.


  1. What does it matter if I am a long time vaper or if I just want to start today you might ask? Well, it matters more than you think because if you are new to vaping you might want to start simple with something like a pod kit or a vape pen. However, if you are a more experienced vaper you are probably in search of a better performing mod which can offer you a more satisfying vape.
  2. This is a funny one, yes, but the size really matters when you pick your new vape kit. If you like something more discreet that can fit easily in your hand, light weighted and more personal which does not create big clouds that can give you away then you sure are looking for a small stylish pen or pod. But if you are a cloud chaser, if you enjoy feeling the weight of the vaporiser, then you are certainly looking for a futuristic mod with massive power output.
  3. When it comes to battery life expectation you must know that if you chose a pen, you should stash a few spare batteries in your vape kit or make sure you are constantly close to a power source for a recharge. For the more experienced vaper who chose a mod, those usually come with longer lasting batteries and some even have spares when buying the vape kit. For the mods, you can get a battery adaptor charger that can fit 4 or more batteries at once and charge it all at once. There are powerful batteries that will last you a long time but it is also important how you set your mod. Ultimately, battery life depends on the amount of time you spend vaping.

Armed with new knowledge, you are now ready to go ahead and find your desired vape kits at our trusted online vape shop Mega Vape.