What is E-Liquid Short Fill

short fill e-liquids

The growth of short fill liquid has been pretty steep over recent years, but what exactly is a short fill? We’re going to give you the reasons behind the birth of the short fill e-liquid, what they actually are and help you decide whether selecting a short fill is right for you.

 Back in 2016, the newly implemented TPD legislation in the EU among a raft of rules for vaping, an e-liquid outlawed any liquid, containing nicotine being produced for public consumption in anything over 10 ML. If an e liquid contained nicotine at the point of sale, it could not be sold in anything larger than the standard 10 ML childproof bottle the problem the industry faced with that was that the vaping community already grown used to having off-the-shelf e-liquid in a variety of Nicotine strengths are, more importantly, in this case a variety of bottle sizes.

JWNRuthless4 400x400 - What is E-Liquid Short Fill
50ml Ruthless E-Liquid

It wasn’t uncommon to be able to buy an 18 mg/ml eliquid in 100 ML bottle. This new rule put an end to that. However, this new rule gave birth to a workaround. The short film, as only a liquid containing nicotine, was subject to this new rule. The alternative to get around this new rule was simple.

The manufacturers basically stopped adding nicotine to their liquids and effectively produce 0mg nicotine free e-liquid. This way they could continue to make their liquid at whatever quantities they liked and the customer would add the nicotine themselves. The only problem with that is that if you make 100ML nicotine free e-liquid and put that in 100ML bottle, there’s no room for nicotine what’s more.

 Even if there was enough room adding the nicotine would dilute the liquid and the flavour wouldn’t be as strong as the manufacturer had intended. The solution was to make the nicotine free e-liquid slightly stronger in flavor to allow for the dilution with a Nic shot and also not to fill the bottles completely leaving room for the nicotine to be added later by stopping short of the top short filling short fill.

It literally is what it says on the tin just like before the rules came into force, you could now select what final ratio you were looking for, 70VG/30PG, 80VG/20PG, knowing that when you added the nicotine suspended in either VG or PG, you would achieve not only the right ratio but also your desired nicotine strength, if that last bit about VG and PG is like a different language so check our Vg and PG explained article also. If you’re looking to have more control over your liquid, you may consider actually making your own from scratch.

Dark shadow bottle 100ml Grape ice 400x400 - What is E-Liquid Short Fill
Grape Ice 100ml Short Fill

Back to short fills; take a 50ml absolute zero short fill and mix with a 10 ml nicotine shot will result in 60 ml of 3 mg nicotine strength a  vaping liquid. Some short fills like the absolute zero like Grape Ice by Dark Shadow E-Liquid will have a final VG PG ratio of approximately 80/20, with the nic shot added, whereas this Black Ice E-liquid by Voro Vape will have a final mix of 70/30. So it all depends on your personal tastes and, of course, what thickness of liquid your coil can take.

Voro Vape 100ml Black ice 400x400 - What is E-Liquid Short Fill
Black Ice E-Liquid by Voro Vape

So how do you actually fill a short field bottle with nicotine? Well, as we’ve discussed before, a 60 ml bottle contains 10 ML of free space. This allows you to add your 10 ml nic shot after removing the cover. Just quite simply take the cap off your nicotine and just squeeze after squeezing the whole mixture into my bottle. I can then go ahead, replace the cap and then give it a good shake. Here. Are some tips on how you should prepare your a e-liquid:

  1. Mix beforehand, if you’re planning to use your a liquid make sure to mix it 24 hours prior to give the nicotine the opportunity to blend in with the remaining e-liquid.
  2. Shake it up well. Make sure you give your e-liquid a thorough shake to make sure everything is mixed in together properly
  3. Use a refilling bottle. A bottle like this is a great thing to have, if you’re planning, to mix anything above 3 mg, since it gives you the space, you need for the additional nic shot.
  4. Always wash your hands. Overexposure to nicotine could be harmful, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly right off the handle in nicotine.
  5. Keep out of the reach of children. I know it’s a simple thing, but people do make mistakes

 In conclusion, you can save money when you buy a short fill e-liquid compared to a 10ml bottle. We always have vape deals and promotion so make sure to check our vape shop every week for the latest vaping deals.