The Vap X Hot spring 1.5 testimonial, and also this’s a small shell mod that takes a huge battery!

21700 batteries were expected to be the substitute for 18650’s, instantly we would certainly have all this added power and also capability, yet regretfully they removed relatively gradually.

I think a great deal of vape suppliers have a “ if it ain’t damaged, do not repair it” strategy!

Among the last locations where we saw 21700’s show up remained in the world of shell mods.

So I’m thrilled to be attempting an incredibly little shell mod from Vap X called the Hot spring 1.5.

What Can We Anticipate From the Vap X Hot Spring 1.5?

This is the 2nd Hot spring that Vap X has actually brought out, yet it is a small upgrade to the initial, as represented by the 1.5 name.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Box - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

Digging about on their Facebook web page, it appears like the updates are concentrated on the shell.

Evidently there were some problems with loading on the initial Hot spring. It had a leading fill system with a silicone membrane layer that some individuals reported obtained a little unpleasant.

We never ever assessed the initial, so it’s straight in to the upgraded variation! It has an ingenious air flow and also a detachable 21700.

The Hot spring 1.5 is currently their 3rd launch, after the initial Hot spring and also the Hot Spring S that I assessed right here.

This was sent out over straight from Vap X for the objective of testimonial ( thanks). Customarily, this will certainly not affect my testimonial and also I will report back truthfully with what I locate!

Inside Package

  • Hot Spring 1.5
  • Twin AFC Husk
  • 15s Coil
  • 15d Coil
  • Coil Device
  • 18650 Sleeve
  • Extra O-rings and also torx trick
  • Guidebook and also guarantee card

VapX Geyser 1point5 Box Contents - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!


  • Measurements– 87.7 × 53.5 × 30.9 mm
  • Weight– 92g
  • Power Result– 5-100W
  • Settings– Power Level, Temperature (Ni, SS, Ti, TCR), Bypass
  • Battery– 21700 (18650 with consisted of adapter)
  • Ability– 5ml (I have actually not seen a 2ml TPD variation)

Layout and also Develop Quality

The Vap X Hot spring 1.5 can be found in 3 colours, black (that I obtained), grey, and also red.

VapX 1point5 Colourways - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Body

For such a beefy little monster, it’s remarkably light-weight. Although it could look like plastic, the body is made from magnesium alloy.

It’s quite comfy in the hand, and also very easy for either thumb shooting or finger shooting.

VapX Geyser 1point5 thumb or finger fire - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

It has a large fire switch that protrudes over the display and also controls.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Front Shot - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

On one side of the gadget is your USB C cost port, the opposite is empty with the exception of the branding Vap X in silver.

VapX Geyser 1point5 USB C Port - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

The back area is plastic and also is your battery door. You access the battery by moving the battery door down so it un-clips.

There’s a bow to aid you eliminate your battery, and also the favorable and also adverse links are plainly noted in red and also blue.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Battery Compartment - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

You can either make use of a 21700, or an 18650 with the consisted of adapter. I located that placing a 21700 in was a little difficult.

With a lot of layouts similar to this you can place one end of the battery in, after that with it angled, lower from the various other end to pop it right into area.

With this gadget I located I needed to line the battery up parallel, and also press from the center to make sure that the +ve and also -ve links were made at the exact same time. It’s not a significant problem, yet it deserves recognizing if you have problem placing in your battery.

The base is completely free from marks or branding, simply 3 little torx screws that hold the gadget with each other. The regulative marks really live below the shell itself.

On the leading there’s an instead big band accessory hook that explain over the battery area. I’m uncertain this is truly required, as it’s a beefy adequate gadget that I do not see any person hanging this on a lanyard!

VapX Geyser 1point5 Top - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

It additionally makes the leading appearance a little bit picky, as relocating inwards, you after that have your shell launch catch, and also 2 little plastic screw covers.

To launch your shell you need to move the little catch far from the mouth piece, it after that un-clips the shell and also permits it to emerge.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Release Catch - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

If you take a look at the catch, it resembles you ought to additionally have the ability to move this forwards along with in reverse.

This is really simply a remaining style aspect from the initial Hot spring, where pressing ahead would certainly turn open the top of the shell for loading– on the 1.5 you can not press it ahead.

Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Husk

The shell is made from a dark clear plastic. In non-TPD nations this will certainly hold a charitable 5ml of e-liquid.

Although Vap X state that it’s very easy to see just how much e-liquid you have in it, being used I located it was virtually difficult when the shell was put.

It is a really dark plastic, and also with the drip suggestion, uncommon style, and also big air flow control rings, there’s a great deal of various other little bits to it that make it tough to translucent.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Dissasembled - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

The drip suggestion seems regarding the dimension of an 810. Nonetheless it has it’s o-rings around the base of the suggestion, not within, so hooligan design drip-tips will not fit.

Actually I do not have anything in my collection that does, so understand this if you such as to alter pointers!

Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Air Movement Control

Like the Hot Spring S that I assessed a while back, Vap X is making use of a comparable design of disc designed air flow controllers.

With the Hot spring 1.5, you obtain one on each side of the shell. There is additionally a little crack up take care of that you can make use of to make it much easier to readjust.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Airflow Handle - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

They are certainly among one of the most uncommon facets of this shell mod, yet they get the job done truly well. The honeycomb pattern over the air inlets provides a really smooth vape at any kind of air flow setup.

Just as crucial, if you shut them both of completely, you obtain virtually no air flow coming with.

Exactly How To Fill Up The Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Storage Tank

Whilst it is feasible to load the shell when it’s still a little inside the gadget, you will certainly require to pop it out a little bit. So I would certainly state the simplest method is simply to completely eliminate it.

  • Press the little launch switch far from the drip suggestion to unclip the shell
  • Eliminate your shell from the gadget and also locate the fill port at the front
  • Disconnect the rubber stopper and also fill out with your favored e-liquid
  • Change the rubber stopper, seeing to it it’s correctly pressed in

VapX Geyser 1point5 How to refill - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

Exactly How To Adjustment The Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Coil

This is just one of the locations where I need to note the Hot spring down in regards to convenience of usage.

Although the coils are straightforward press in coils, it is virtually difficult to eliminate them without making use of something to bar them out with.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Crowbar - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

Currently Vap X is clearly knowledgeable about this, as they consist of a little level item of steel in the product packaging for this precise factor.

This is because of the truth that the instead fat bottomed coils rest really flush right into the shell, and also simply have a slim lip of steel to permit elimination. Regrettably you can not truly hold this to draw them out.

  • Unclip you shell from the gadget and also transform it upside-down
  • Area the coil elimination device under the lip of the coil, and also bar it versus the body of the shell to draw it out a little
  • Eliminate you old coil and also area you brand-new one in, seeing to it to align the level sides and also press it down securely
  • Full of your favored e-liquid and also keep in mind to leave it to rest for a couple of mins to completely fill

VapX Geyser 1point5 Coil Replacement - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Display and also Controls

The display and also controls are practically the same to what we saw on the Hot spring S.

You have your fire switch over your display, and also a + and also– switch listed below.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Screen - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

Nonetheless as a much more completely function mod you do have a couple of even more choices. Pushing the fire switch 3 times permits you to cycle with the various settings

  • Power Level
  • Temperature Ni
  • Temperature SS
  • Temperature Ti
  • TCR
  • Bypass

I can just visualize that this is mosting likely to be made use of in the future for a rebuildable area, as both of the typical coils are Kanthal so do not collaborate with temperature control.

You can additionally reset the smoke counter, and also measure/lock the resistance (once more, beneficial for temperature control).

Pushing the fire switch and also the + or– switch will certainly permit you to readjust the illumination of the display.

Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Power Level

Power level is readjusted in 0.1 W increments (why?!) when you solitary continue the modification switches, press and also hold and also it will certainly scroll in 1W increments really swiftly from 5W to 100W.

This established is fairly bothersome as when you’re readjusting it you’ll have the ability to obtain quite nearby pushing and also holding, launching when you’re near the electrical power you’re going for.

Nonetheless you after that require to either press the switches to click it up or down by 0.1 W increments, or you press and also hold once more and also * attempt * to quit it where you desire. Nonetheless it switches over to scrolling really swiftly, so this is much easier stated than done.

Exactly How Does the Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Perform?

I have actually been utilizing this set for a couple of weeks currently, and also I have actually had some excellent experiences with it, along with some inflammations!

For a lot of my screening I was making use of Ohm Mixture’s Quantity II Apple, Elderflower and also Yard Mint at 70VG/30PG.

0.2 Ω Solitary Mesh Coil– Air Movement and also Cloud Manufacturing

A lot of air flow on this coil, and also having the ability to rise to 70W with it permits it to generate adequate vapour to benefit from that. On a 1 to 10 range with 1 being truly limited and also 10 being completely open, this opens to a 9.

Clouds behave and also thick, with an actually smooth air flow as a result of the mesh air inlets.

It is a little loud completely open, and also I located that closing down the air flow a little to offer it a little bit much more constraint aided with this.

0.2 Ω Solitary Mesh Coil– Flavour

Flavour is area on, no genuine grievances regarding this whatsoever. It’s obtained a rather restricted advised electrical power array, from 60-70W.

To be sincere, there’s very little various in between 60-70W in regards to flavour, yet there is a bit even more cloud manufacturing at 70W.

0.23 Ω Twin Mesh Coil– Air Movement and also Cloud Manufacturing

This coil is a little bit much more limiting as a result of having a much narrower birthed and also 2 mesh coils, instead of one huge one. On the 1-10 range it has to do with an 8.

Air flow is in a similar way smooth, yet vast open it’s significantly quieter than the 0.2 Ω.

At 55W it produces a comparable quantity of vapour to the 0.2 Ω at 70W, both coils within are certainly doing a good little bit of job.

You can shut down either coil to be limiting sufficient for a mouth to lung vape, yet neither the coils neither the drip suggestion are truly created for it.

I would certainly be interested to see what a small greater electrical power (0.6 Ω, state) and also a thinner birthed drip suggestion would certainly can.

0.23 Ω Twin Mesh Coil– Flavour

Flavour is respectable, yet I really located it a little much less outstanding than the solitary mesh. It’s okay, simply not as punchy.

55W is clear yet a little low-key

65W is most likely the pleasant area for this

75W is a little bit way too much power for this coil, I felt it was also near a completely dry hit, also when not chain vaping!

Vap X Hot Spring 1.5 Battery

I really did not do any kind of extensive examinations on the battery for this set, a solitary 21700 often tended to obtain me around 150 smokes at 70W, so it was plenty sufficient for a days vaping.

Any kind of various other ideas?


Regrettably dripping was certainly something I experienced with this set.

Not immediately, yet if you left it resting for a number of days after that I located that fairly a great deal of fluid would certainly handle to leakage out the air flow control.

VapX Geyser 1point5 Leaking - Vap X Geyser 1.5 Review – Single 21700 Pod Mod with Interesting Airflow!

This would certainly after that accumulate under the base of the shell where the calls are, not perfect.

Torx Device

You obtain among these in the set, you can see it in my box materials image … and also I really have no concept why.

There appears to be absolutely nothing on the gadget that is created for you to loosen, and also the handbook does not drop any kind of light on it either!

On the initial Hot spring you had the ability to exchange out the air flow controls, so perhaps this is a remaining from that?


  • Great flavour
  • Introducing and also efficient AFC
  • Light-weight


  • Difficult to see e-liquid degree
  • Dripping out of AFC
  • Needing a small crowbar to get rid of coil

Last Testimonial Decision

It’s a little bit of an intriguing one, and also I believe the 1.5 name truly does highlight that this was created to deal with a few of the viewed troubles with the initial, instead of doing anything various.

The truth that you can still see exactly how you would certainly have opened up the leading cap to load it with the catch on the top, demonstrates how little they transformed anything that they really did not require to. If anything, this makes it seem like a little bit of a hurried manufacturing.

The air flow is still among the attract attention attributes of this, and also I believe Vap X ought to be praised for attempting something a little various. In addition to the dripping I had from the air flow, it functions truly well. Really smooth, and also really flexible.

Flavour from the coils is additionally respectable, it’s not leading rate, yet definitely sufficient to please lots of people. Certainly the coils have their very own inflammation when it comes time to alter it, by requiring to bar them out of shell!

Altogether, not a poor gadget, yet there’s a couple of concessions you ought to certainly understand.

Note: Can not appear to locate it to buy anywhere– will certainly upgrade when I do!